Landscape Services

LCB #8435
Reliable Landscape Company serving Southern Oregon for over 38 years.

Our main priority in Landscape installation is quality; we can honestly say that our quality of work is 2nd to none! We strive to satisfy our customers by incorporating custom designs that will compliment any home.

If you can imagine it we create it, in fact we thrive on things out of the ordinary and different. So your Landscape doesn't look like everyone else’s.

An easy way for MOST Landscapers to make money is to use basically the same design (plants, rocks, lawns, etc.) over and over again, to mass produce so to speak, not much thought or time is involved in each one of their projects that they design. But we at Applegate Landscape Co. do things quite different, each property is carefully thought out and carefully structured with the homeowner's desires and property layout in mind. Then much time and thought is devoted to designing a unique Landscape.

  • Rock work - we are not masons, but artistic rock layers, not just the things you see everyday but things out of the ordinary, such as rock with brick, rock with no concrete joints, different types of rock mixed together, non symmetrical, etc.

  • Water Features - custom designed to fit your property, whether large or small. We specialize in large water features with 200+ gallons per minute, using different sizes and varieties of rocks and boulders to make each water feature we install unique. Our aim when installing water features is to make it look as natural as possible with a large variety of shrubs, trees and ground cover.

  • Irrigation Systems - installed with water conservation in mind, only the best quality industrial sprinklers, valves and controllers.

  • Landscapes - Always designed with color and variety in mind, we want you to enjoy your yard all year around, especially from spring to fall, so we use a large variety of plants and perennials to give you tremendous splashes of color from flowers and foliage colors throughout the growing season. Yes even during the dog days of summer your yard will be full of color. Our preference is to install sod lawns with free form edging and mounds of trees, shrubs, rocks and boulders to enhance the beds. We love to install walkways with stone or pavers throughout the landscape so one can stroll though your own park-like setting!