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We have the largest selection of edibles in Southern Oregon. We specialize in edibles for your garden and landscape. 

 Many, many varieties to choose from. Trees - 35 varieties of Apples, 2 var. of Quince, 7 var. of Apricot, 14 var. of Cherry, 18 var. of Peach, 7 var. of Nectarine, 19 var. of plum, 16 var. of Pear, 8 var. of Asian pear, 5 var. of Almond, 9 var. of Filbert, 4 var. of Walnut, 3 var. of Pecan, 6 var. of Figs, 5 var. of Persimmon, 5 var. of Pomegranites, 5 var. of fruiting Mulberry, 3 var. of Olives, 4 var. of Pawpaw, 7 var. of Genetic dwarf trees & much more. Also available are older container trees from 5 & 6 year olds to 9-12 yr. olds (instant fruit). 

 Shrub Edibles - Blueberries 32 varieties -1 gallon, 3 gal., our most popular 5 yr. old 5 gal., & mature 7 yr. old 7 gal.. Huckleberry (native), 15 var. of Grapes seedless, 6 var. of hardy Kiwi, 3 var. of Fuzzy Kiwi, Elderberries, European Elderberries, 6 var. of Raspberries, Boysenberries, Blackberries (thornless), Loganberries, Marionberry, Gooseberries, Tay berries, 3 var. of Currants, Red flowering Currant (native that has edible fruit), Cranberry highbush, Cranberry Pilgram, Sea Berry, Goumi Berry, Silverberry, Pineapple Guava, Honey Berry, Darwin Barberry, Schisandra Vine, Passionflower, Goji Berry, Bay tree, Aronia, Chernika Bilberry, Azaorale Gold (Hawthorne), Jubilee fruiting Rose, Sichuan Pepper, Yellowthorn, Tea tree (for green tea), Bay tree, 2 var. of Citrus that are hardy here (yuzu & Calamondin), Dwarf Limes, Lemons, Grapefruit & Oranges, Asparagus root, Strawberries, Rhubarb, Horseradish, Onion, Garlic, Herbs, and much more.......

 Also available in bare root, at a big savings are Shade and flowering trees.

 Over 230 varieties of Japanese and specialty maples. 

 Container trees available - Shade, Flowering, Ornamental trees, Conifers, Specimens, Rare & hard to find plant material, landscape shrubs, and a very large selection of perennials, and much more

 Note: Bare-root & Edibles will be available February 1st. We do have a good supply of fruit & nut trees and other edibles available in containers now.

 Our Nursery is open to the public. Tue thru Sun 9 am to 5 pm. Closed Mondays. Stop by & check us out, you won't be disappointed.

For stock available as of Feb 2017, click to Download the PDF for each file.

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Berries & Other Edibles

For prices not listed in the PDFs above, call us at 541-301-2251 or 541-659-0183 to guarantee the lowest pricing. Or, email your inquiries to We usually respond the same day. 

We accept all forms of payment: Cash, check, debit or credit card.